Running GWB on macOS

There are two options to run GWB on macOS:

ParallelsThe first option is to use a Windows emulator to run Windows programs alongside Mac applications. Many of our customers have good experiences with Parallels.

Parallels is a Windows emulator that allows you to run Windows programs alongside Mac applications without rebooting. Parallels requires a Mac computer with an Intel processor; macOS v10.12.6 Sierra or later; 4 GB of memory; and 500 MB free disk space plus at least 16 GB for each virtual machine.

In order to take advantage of the multithreading capabilities of GWB Professional, you may need to designate the number of Virtual CPUs available to the Windows virtual machine. To do so, shut down the virtual machine, open the Actions menu and choose Configure, then click Hardware → CPU & Memory and select a number from the Processors menu. Note that Parallels is available in multiple editions with different Virtual RAM and Virtual CPU allowances.

Other emulators, available commercially or free of charge, include VMware Fusion and VirtualBox.

Boot Camp

The second option is to set up a dual boot configuration, using a program like Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a multi boot utility distributed with macOS that enables users to install Microsoft Windows OS on Intel-based Macintosh computers. Boot Camp requires a Mac computer with an Intel chip; macOS v10.5 or later; the latest Mac firmware updates; 64 GB free hard disk space; and a full, single-disk version of Windows 11 or 10.

If you are aware of other solutions, please let us know.