No-cost updates to the GWB

From this page you can download maintenance releases and other updates to the GWB, and check what releases of the GWB are supported on your version of Windows. You can find updates to the ChemPlugin™ SDK on the ChemPlugin site.

GWB maintenance releases

You can install from the table below the latest maintenance release for your release of the GWB.

GWB 11.0.7 (update GWB 11.0 through 11.0.6) 122 MB
Program updates: In GSS, various improvements and fixes to the undo/redo, hide/expose, SmartMix, and move column/row features; fix crash bugs in Gtplot and TEdit; resolve several edge-case issues with sliding, fixed, and kinetic reactants; gracefully handle phase rule violations arising in buffered paths; when installing to an unexpected directory, software is installed in a subdirectory "GWB"; installer overwrites existing files, rather than deleting them; allow unix-style line endings in thermo datasets; increase breadth of mass balance audit in X1t/X2t; fix drag-and-drop for virial coefficients in TEdit, Alter and Isotope dialogs in various apps; no longer display announcements on dashboard; add command line arguments and environmental variables for setting thermo, surface, conductivity, and isotope datasets, and for the default dataset directory; kill a false positive in an inconsistency test for the gas transfer kinetics feature; improve convergence when dramatically re-scaling system extents; correct a problem when the Reactants pane displays exported function names in 64-bit rate law DLLs; fix a problem in Xtplot saving the coordinates of contour lines as text; the 64 bit apps support plot datasets larger than 2Gb; fix to a potential race condition in the multithreaded apps; options to install desktop icon and open GWB dashboard when installing and updating; improve autosizing and plot spacing when displaying multiple special plots on a page; polish pasting behavior in TEdit; fix glitches in Isotopes and Step dialogs in React; put more graphics types on clipboard, and increase bitmap resolution, when copying plots in Act2 and Tact; resolve problem in Act2 and Tact when more than one speciating ion does not speciate; correct problem reading the sixth coefficient in the temperature expansion of beta2 from HMW datasets; fix various problems when making X-Y plots in Gtplot; allow sliding Eh paths without setting initial Eh; fix memory issue in a Gtplot dialog; repair obscure line clipping issue in Gtplot; fix crash bug in Gtplot/GSS; embed full font set in User's Guides, so they don't show as bitmaps on some browers/printers; install 64-bit code signing certificate; allow data labels and sample labels to be hidden and unhidden independently.
GWB 10.0.10 (update GWB 10.0 through 10.0.9) 146 MB
Program updates: Fix glitch in isotopes dialog; resolve problem in Act2 and Tact when more than one speciating ion does not speciate; correct problem reading the sixth coefficient in the temperature expansion of beta2 from HMW datasets; allow sliding Eh paths without setting initial Eh; Install 64-bit code signing certificate; Implement auto-update to GWB11 release for eligible licensees; Repair drag-and-drop issue; React etc. again recognize activity ratios as basis constraints; fix TEdit crash bug; ChemPlugin clients can set certain values "on the fly" during time marching; set old time level densities correctly in static ChemPlugin instances; Windows 10 support; fix issue in 10.0.5 in which plots render sluggishly; drag-and-drop from zip files; improve activation utility; GUI support for ultra-high resolution monitors; add functionality to SmartMix wizard; reduce apps’ memory footprint; improve memory management; fix a problem importing flow fields into X2t; fix an issue in which Gtplot and Xtplot can save images to wrong directory; Tedit recognizes minerals with same name as aqueous species; add new SmartMix wizard; various improvements to TEdit; including drag and drop; improve installation process under Windows XP, Mac Parallels; fixes for all known issues.
GWB 9.0.9 (update GWB 9.0 through 9.0.8) 78 MB
Program updates: Fix a problem plotting velocity arrows in Xtplot. GSS now mixes fluids correctly when their redox states are constrained by Eh. Enhancements for activation utility. Fix various issues with the GUI. Improved functioning under Windows 8; GSS spreadsheets are now saved in a portable XML format; technical symbols appear correctly on international Windows versions; improved functioning of pickup feature in React; Rxn reports delta-Gr when reaction is out of equilibrium; many improvements to GSS; generalize Pitzer models to accept species of any charge; limit buffer size in Results pane; spherical coordinates in X1t; heterogeneous heat capacity variables in X1t and X2t; ability to set colors of individual lines in Gtplot and Xtplot; option to set heat source and heat capacities to vary in value over reactive transport simulations; Form of polynomial for virial coefficients in H-M-W activity model is extended; represent TDS with circles in Piper, Durov, and Ternary diagrams.

System updates: adds plug-in wrappers for C++, Fortran, Python, Perl, and Java; significant improvements to installers, plug-in and remote control features, graphics, and GUIs; Windows 8 support; optional 64 bit version offers 15%-60% speedup; option for automatic updates; plug-in feature works with Fortran programs; improvements to user interface; fixes all known issues. More info.

Windows versions supported

Windows logoWe currently support GWB releases 11, 10, and 9* under the Windows versions shown below.

Windows 7  Windows 8.1 & 8 Windows 10

GWB11 is the preferred release for use under Windows 10, and GWB10 or later is preferred for Windows 8.1 or 8.

GWB10 is acceptable under Windows 10, and GWB9 can be installed under Windows 8.1 & 8.

GWB9 is not compatible with Win10.

*Support for GWB9 ends December 1, 2017.