GWB 11 Standard

The interface is certainly user-friendly and intuitive, and that is very important to me.

– Jeff Tepper, University of Puget Sound

I have installed the GWB and am enjoying using it. Thank you for developing such a great software!

– Peng Luo, Saskatchewan Research Council

The Geochemist's Workbench® Release 11 Standard edition is your choice for spreadsheets, diagrams, and multicomponent reaction modeling. With GWB Standard, you can plot how species distributions change, model water-rock interaction, and simulate fluid mixing. GWB Standard integrates kinetic rate laws of any form and simulates microbial metabolism and growth.

New in GWB Release 11
GWB Professional and Standard

New features in our latest release include:

  • Chain together kinetic reaction paths.
  • Robust pickup command.
  • Expanded set of transient and heterogeneous properties.
  • Graph transient variables against time.
  • Cutoff feature for compute-intensive simulations.

Click the diagram at left to see a slideshow of new reaction path modeling capabilities.

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Reaction paths
Reaction paths

Program React simulates multicomponent reaction in closed systems, or those open to mass and heat fluxes. Almost endlessly configurable, you can use React to:

  • Model water-rock interaction.
  • Simulate fluid mixing.
  • Polythermal reactions.
  • Fixed and sliding activity or fugacity.
  • Speciation diagrams.

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Kinetic rate laws
Kinetic rate laws

React can integrate into any reaction model the kinetics of:

  • Mineral dissolution and precipitation.
  • Complex association and dissociation.
  • Sorption and desorption.
  • Redox transformations.
  • Enzymes and catalysts.
  • Gas transfer.

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Microbial reaction and growth
Microbial reaction and growth

React is built to model microbial reaction and growth. It can account for:

  • Kinetics of microbially catalyzed reactions.
  • Growth and decay of microbial populations.
  • Thermodynamic constraints on reaction.
  • Pure cultures and mixed communities.

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Need the power of Professional?

Upgrade your Standard license to GWB 11 Professional for just the difference in price.