Floating license installation guide

Floatirng license server This guide provides step-by-step instructions for configuring a network license server and connecting client computers to it, so end users can run the GWB software.

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GWB licensing server

Normal installation
Please follow this procedure under common network configurations
Advanced installation
When the server setup requires a custom port or a specific hostname, or if a single server is intended to support several software packages, follow these steps instead
Cloud installation
You can install a cloud license server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) following these steps

End user installation

Configuring a client
How to install the GWB on an end user's computer and connect it to the license server, once the server is configured
Status queries
Use Lmtools to find out which users have checked out seats
Off-network use
Going in the field or away from your network? Borrow a license to use the GWB offline

Server management

Updating the server
Advance the license server to support the latest GWB release
Migrating the server
Migrate a currently active license server to a new host
Add an activation code
Update the GWB activation code on an actively running server
Server communication
How does a license server talk to a client computer? Here's a useful summary


Resolve common issues with floating licenses
Stuck? Follow these steps to troubleshoot your client-server configuration