GWB12 pricing

Thank you for the exceptional service! This further reinforces why we use GWB. Please quote me — prospective users should be informed of the superior product and support!

– Nicole Mikkelson, Geochemical Scientific, Australia

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Perpetual licenses

The industry is moving away from perpetual licensing, since software quickly becomes obsolete as technology changes, but we are pleased to still offer our customers the option; please visit our perpetual pricing page for more information.

Note that subsequent to GWB12, new features will be added continuously, rather than biannually; hence the package will no longer be available for perpetual licensing.

Before selecting a perpetual license, we encourage you to consider whether a multi-year pre-paid subscription might better meet your needs.

Floating licenses
Network floating licenses are available on a subscription basis only. Please contact our sales staff for more information.

To upgrade a perpetual license or convert to a convenient subscription, please visit our upgrade pricing page.

Academic discount
An academic discount is available on qualifying purchases.

Doc sets
Our seven-volume documentation set is available for purchase. Don't need hardcopy? Save a tree and download pdf copies of the six User's Guides, or access them directly from any GWB app.

Free Student Edition
University students may be eligible to apply for a free license to the GWB Student Edition. For details and application instructions, please visit

Ordering and distribution

When you're ready to order, you may purchase online or contact our sales staff directly. We are pleased to accept your purchase order. Request a quote to lock in pricing for 45 days.

The Geochemist's Workbench® Release 12 is distributed by electronic download and installs on computers running Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1 & 8, and 7 (tips for Mac users).

The GWB User's Guides are supplied in pdf format with each order. You may order convenient hardcopy documentation sets for a small fee.