Upgrade to GWB 2023

I downloaded the software and am very excitedly developing my first GWB model!

– Robert Hansen, Exigo3, South Africa

GWB 2023 logoThe Geochemist's Workbench® 2023 is the latest in a series of GWB upgrades dating back to 1991. Subsequent to GWB12, the GWB is distributed by subscription and features are added continuously.

Please find below the many must-have features included with your GWB 2023 subscription.

Release history

GWB 2023

New in GWB 2023

Your subscription adds features continuously!


New in GWB12

New in GWB12:


New in GWB11:


GWB Dashboard

New in GWB10:

  • Transport by mobile colloids
  • Dashboard puts all your tools in one place
  • Graphical editor for thermo and surface data
  • Undo-redo in GSS spreadsheets
  • Spherical and axisymmetric coordinates
  • Transient medium and fluid properties
  • Turbo-scripting speeds rate law evaluation
  • Optimized native 64 bit version
  • Windows 8 friendly


New in GWB9

New in GWB9:

  • Crisp new GUI – Fast, logical, and intuitive
  • Drag and drop files, analyses, and results
  • Plugs in to your software
  • New kinetics: complexation, sorption, gas transfer
  • Bidentate and polydentate sorption reactions
  • Show TDS as circles of varying radius in Piper, other plots
  • Set line colors individually on x-y plots
  • Powerful unit converter
  • More medium properties are heterogeneous
  • Automatic software updates


X2t benchmark

New in GWB8:


New in GWB7:

  • More reaction kinetics, including catalysis, inhibition
  • Expanded surface chemistry; Freundlich isotherms
  • Edit graphics with mouse; hovering shows x-y values
  • Smart cut-and-paste
  • Support for Vista


New in GWB6:

  • Adaptive gridding
  • Flexible boundary conditions
  • Import flow fields, Modflow models
  • More options for medium heterogeneity

Windows versions supported

Windows logo We currently support GWB 2023 and GWB12 on Windows 11 and 10.